Cottage near small River in Vikantice

Summer :


Winter :


Other :


6 beds

Location :


Region :        Olomouc
District :    Sumperk
Altitude :     600 m above sea
Loc :         50°8'4.086"N, 16°59'5.752"E

This cottage is situated on private land(2000m2) near local 3rd class way from Branna to Habartice. In winter the road is maintained by the last cottage in village. Around cottage are meadows and forests in the valley of the River Staric. The nearest tourist resort is village Branna(far 3km). In Branna are ski slope, lift up, school for beginners, including the double chair lift, slope for snoboarders (see links), bowling, wellness center, relaxing pool, shop, several pubs and restaurants and a castle Kolštejn. There are growing muschrooms, blueberries and raspberries. In winter is this region skiers paradise. The nearest maintained ski trail is in Branna(3km) Well-known ski resorts Petrikov, Ramzova 9 km far, Premyslov 12 km far, Kouty 19km far. In village stops bus 2 to 3 times a day. In the village Branna stop at the station several times daily direct long-distance trains and buses from Prague and Brno. In the city Hanusovice(7.6 km) is a brewery HOLBA with an excursions, Penny supermarket. The indoor 25-meter pools are in the Ceska Ves and Sumperk.

Description :

  • Free dates are green:

Beds: 2 living rooms with a total capacity of 6 beds.
Kitchen: electric two-hotplate, cooker for solid fuel, fridge, kettle, toaster
Toilets and bathroom: flush toilet in the bathroom, bathroom with shower, drinking water after boil
Heating: electric storage heaters, heaters, infrared heater in the bathroom, solid fuel stove
Amenities: Small washing machine, desktop PC, board games, toys
Neighborhood: , open areas, fireplace with sitting area, garden furniture, may be loan sledges, bobsled, bikes, small pool
Parking: free near building
Pets: Only after a clear agreement.

This is a private accommodation in cottage in place accesible to sun and a peaceful place. The cottage is simply furnished. Kitchen is with seating for 7 people and two separate rooms. In the first room is a sofa,student double bed, bunk bed, wardrobe, chairs, electric darts and board games (chess, etc.). In the second room student double bed, bunk bed and shelf. The cottage bathroom is with shower, electric boiler with hot water, toilet and washing machine. Heating is provided by electric storage heaters and by fireplace stoves. Available water from private well (can also be used to drink after boiling). All windows are plastic and are equipped with a summer insect nets.

Price list :

  • Main season   Summer 12 600 CZK / cottage / week,
                                          2 400 CZK / cottage / night

  • Main season   Winter 12 600 CZK / cottage / week,
                                          2 400 CZK / cottage / night

  • Other season   Other 8 000 CZK / cottage / week,
                                          1 900 CZK / cottage / night

  • Weekend (Fr - Su)          4 200 CZK / object

Additional price list and information :

  • Deposit is 2000 CZK/80EUR. Electricity (8CZK/kWh) up to 200 CZK/night in the price. No smoking is allowed.

  • 6 persons
    (with extra bed 7 persons.)

  • Bed linen included.

Free dates:

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If You wouldn't receive any answer of owner until 24 hours, please feel free write to owner directly.

Contact to owner :


Owner :       Ing. David Loviska
Street :                      Hostenicka 594
City :                    Pozorice
Post code:                        664 07
E-mail :          
Phone :                      00420 777 987 121

Terms and conditions:

Terms and Conditions govern the relation between the Property Ing. David Loviska (the operator) and participants in recreational stays (the customer). The natural or legal person entering into a business relationship through mediation stays and services associated with this activity in accordance with the relevant provisions of generally binding legal regulations of the Czech Republic, such as the Commercial Code, the Civil Code, and more. Relations are further modified in the following General Terms and Conditions operators and these are binding on all parties.

Article I Introductory provisions - the creation of the contractual relationship

  • The contractual relationship between the provider and the customer arises from the order confirmed travel provider and payment of the reservation fee by the customer.
  • Customer means a person over 18 years of age. Persons under 18 years of age can use these services only by persons over 18 years of age.
  • obligations of other persons participating in the holiday residence is the customer who stay ordered by the binding order of stay and concluded with the operator of the contractual relationship.
  • operator undertakes to obtain personal data from customers used only for internal purposes of serving the mediation stays.

Article II Orders accommodations


  • Binding order of stay is made in writing (form available in electronic form on the website of the operator).  In order for a customer in a note indicating the date, number of persons indicating the age of the children and whether to stay with you  required to take a pet. He shall also state contact information and send the order.  Another option is to send mail with the above information to the operator:
      Orders can also be done in writing. Copy of the written request can then be sent to the operator:  David Loviska, Hostenicka 594, Pozorice, 664 07
  • In the event that the desired term in the object loose, the operator sends an order confirmation to the customer residence,in which they communicate the exact terms of payment and stay reservations for the period specified in the order confirmation (usually 4-6 business days).Customer during this time will pay a reservation fee (deposit) to account operator.This amount is already part payment of the total price for the accomodation.
  • After receiving the reservation fee operator by binding books and send to the address (mail / contact) customeracknowledgment of receipt of advances, including the data which shows the customer on arrival.
  • In the case of billing for the amount of stay for total booking fee is required. The building is reserved and binding information passed after the payment according to the invoice amount of total price for the stay to the account operator.The requirement to pay for their stay with the invoice, the customer is required to indicate at the binding order of stay in notes andIn this case it is also necessary to indicate to the order complete customer billing information, which is to be invoice.Method of payment of the invoice by bank transfer operator. The account number is obligated to give the contact information.


  • The operator of a customer order confirmation confirming the veracity of all information contained on this website.In case of any updating of website (changing furnishing, changing the availability of the object, etc.) is obliged to inform the customer. And before arrival by e-mail.

Article III Length accommodation

  • Accommodation is usually in the high season week (usually Saturday - Saturday). Seasonal dates are listed on the website calendar under your terms.Are possible weekend stays (usually Friday - Sunday). Payment is required in this case for three days (for these stays true price "Weekend").

  • Length of stay could be determined by agreement. The minimum payment is for 2 nights.
  • In case of stay only one night is charged to cost CZK 500 (the cost of the operator to ensure the transfer of the property to the customer and re-delivery facility operator).
  • Accepting the object is the day when usually stay between 15 and 17 hours. Handover of the building and their stay is the last day of the lease nine hours, if not between the customer and the landlord agreed otherwise.

Article IV Prices and payment

  • Rental prices are negotiated agreement under the Prices Act No. 526/1992 Coll . Prices in the Internet offer include VAT.Prices are set per object per night regardless of the number of persons.However, it is determined by the maximum number of guests in the building.
  • All prices are subject to change. An Internet presentation provides current prices in the price list , price list and additional supplementary information listed below the "Terms " .
  • Authentic is the price indicated in the Order Confirmation stay.
  • prices at Christmas , Easter and New Year's week may be higher by 100 %.
  • The building is valid only really consumed electric energy and only ifduring that stay there for the consumption of electricity for more as 1000 CZK . 
  • for stays booked at the last minute before the deadline , payments can be agreed upon on an individual basis . However, the operator will continue to demand advance payment for the stay in advance , or a proof of payment of the advance.  
  • Surcharge rates for the pay Landlord at the onset of the residence . In case of failure of payment (amount , due date , etc. ) it is a breach of contract by the customer.
  • operator also requires the composition in a price list sable 2000 CZK deposit when taking customer's residence .
  • This deposit is returned to the customer upon departure , unless there was no damage to the property and paid excess power consumption energy.
  • Customers who used services of company with ID:75645858 must pay everything with the bank ordinance to bank account with invoice number written in invoice. Other payment methods aren't supported.

Article V Equipment and Services

  • Customer may use recreational facility furnishing operatorthat is declared in the internet presentation of the object. 
  • completeness, accuracy and timeliness of the description in the internet presentation of the object corresponds to the operator.
  • cost of building and bed linen.
  • The object is determined by the maximum number of persons.
  • Cleaning Property provides the operator.The customer is obliged to hand over the object in the same condition in which it was taken. Otherwise, the provider is entitled to a reasonable deduction from the deposit.

Article VI Cancellation of residence of the customer

  • To cancel the residence of the customer may cause serious reasons and only in writing / email andwithdrawal occurs upon receipt of this information the operator.
  • Upon withdrawal from the contract within 60 days from the date ordered the operator is entitled to withhold the deposit paid cancellation fees in the amount of:
    up to 60 days before arrival ................................ 100 CZK
    59-30 days prior to arrival ............................... 200CZK
    29-15 days prior to arrival ............................... 500CZK
    14-8 days before arrival ............................... 700 CZK
       7-0 days before onset ............................... 1000CZK

Article VII canceled their service

  • To cancel the residence of the operator can result in serious cases, it is not possible to arrange your stay due toevents such as natural disasters, disasters and other unexpected eventswhich could not be expected to enter into a contract and this cause extends throughout the length of the originally agreed stay.In this case, the customer will be immediately returned to the reservation fee and the account number for this purpose, the client provides.
  • customer has no right to further compensation.

Article VIII Insurance of accomodation

  • The operator shall not be liable for bodily injury and theft of personal items.The suitability of small children in a recreational facility decides customer.
  • insured person and the Property, including the inventory is not included in the price.For these reasons, the operator advised the customer to arrange appropriate insurance with any insurance company to the extent needed.
  • liability insurance for damages caused by the customer on equipment and travel insurance object the operator is able to ensure the request.

Article IX Complaint

  • The customer has the right to complain if ordered services have been provided in full or quality. Claims of defects may be filed by the operator. Complaints must be exercised in writing - a protocol.Claim in most cases can not state a range of amenities Photos of the property or its surroundings, these are only for information (as well as can not guarantee the same climatic conditions during their stay as were the conditions when shooting the subject and surroundings).
  • The operator has the option to negotiate with the customer compliance with the accommodation of a specific object,  which may be part of the Accommodation Agreement between the operator and the customer before the stay and  customer in this case comply with the following mutually agreed terms.
  • Customer shall shortcomings and defects promptly notify the operator that could be taken to remedy them.If the operator of the deficiencies and defects which entitles the customer to claim fails to promptly remove,can be applied to operators on site discounts.
  • Operator is not responsible for the operation of swimming pools, ski lifts, restaurants and other services marketed under the "Links".This information is usually drawn from public information sources and are not guaranteed.
  • Information about the distances to individual services and recreational activities are indicative (values using the server

Article X Final clauses

  • These terms and conditions shall come into force on 1 January 2024 and are binding for both the operator and the customer.
  • Customer acknowledges that he was with General Terms and Conditions familiar, understood and agree with them,which confirms, among other things by sending a reservation fee 1000 CZK to account operator.

I believe that you will be satisfied with the cottage. I wish you a pleasant, undisturbed accommodation.

Ing. David Loviska

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